Life Realized Inc. makes every effort to conduct its Programs in accordance with all Sarasota County Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control guidelines, as they exist at any given time.

We expect all participants of any of our Programs – staff, vendors, musicians, instructors/facilitators, and the general public to do the same. Officers, staff, and volunteers of Life Realized are encouraged and authorized to enforce this Policy in order to protect the health of all individuals.

Data Privacy

We take everyone’s privacy seriously. If you provide us with contact information for any reason and by any means, whether by filling out a paper form or submitting an electronic one, your information is 1) stored securely to the best of our ability, 2) is only used internally by Life Realized, and only by the personnel necessary to have it for its intended purpose, and 3) is never given to anyone else, under any circumstances.

Farmers Market Vendor Documentation

Vendors who wish to participate in any Farmers Market hosted by Life Realized, must have the following documentation completed and submitted to the Farmers Market Administrator prior to their first week as a vendor, unless specifically informed otherwise by the Farmers Market Administrator, in writing, due to the nature of the product(s) you intend to sell:
  • Proof of Commercial Liability Insurance, including the Agency/Company and Policy #;
  • Sarasota County Business Tax #;
  • Florida Food Permit #;
  • Florida Sales Tax #;
  • any other documentation added to Sarasota County or the State of Florida requirements at any time
Failure to present all of these documents will result in your inability to participate in the Market, until such time as the documentation is satisfactorily provided. There are no exceptions. These exceptions will meet all Sarasota County and State of Florida requirements. Whether or not a vendor space will be held in reserve while you obtain the necessarily missing paperwork is at the sole discretion of the Farmers Market Administrator. Cottage vendors must adhere to all Department of Agriculture rules and regulations. All vendors are required to have copies of all required documents, licenses, permits, etc. with them each time they participate in any Life Realized event.

Open Mic/Jam Participant Behavior Policy

Participants of our music programs including open mics, jams, and Showcase Events are expected to treat the event, the venue, the audience, and their fellow participants with respect at all times. Life Realized staff members and volunteers will address any situation where anyone who does not conduct themselves appropriately will be asked to leave. Our organization works hard to provide a neutral, fair, and comfortable atmosphere for everyone at every event we host. The following illustrate situations where you may be asked to leave, and/or not return. This is our policy; nothing personal.

  • Please feel free to discuss your personal views regarding politics, religion, and sex, anywhere except at our event. Any of our event hosts has our backing to MUTE your microphone, and/or ask you to leave, and not return.
  • When a musician has already started performing, don’t run up on stage to “just back them up,” unless they have specifically given you permisison to do so – in which case, you should have already been up there before they started. Your ego is the only one who will be impressed when you do that.
  • If you intend on bringing equipment that has to be integrated into the PA system in order for you to perform, please plan to, and do, show up during the host’s normal If you intend on bringing equipment that has to be integrated into the PA system in order for you to perform, please plan to, and do, show up during the host’s normal 
  • If the event roster is such that the host has told you how many songs you can play or how much time you have, do not “play just one more” or exceed your time limit excessively. Leave out a verse or chorus if you have to. Shorten a solo part. Be respectful of the remaining players – you are stealing from their time slots. You wouldn’t like it if they did it to you. And, the event host often has time and other constraints of which you are not aware.

Refunds/Force Majeure

Unpredictable occurrences such as an act of nature, government, or illness/disability of the Host, Instructor, Facilitator, or Performer may require a scheduled class or event to be cancelled. In such a case, Life Realized will do the following:

1. we will notify the public through our website Events Calendar and Facebook Page that the class or event has been cancelled.

2. if this class or event required pre-registration through our website, we will notify each person having already done so of the cancellation directly using the email they provided during the pre-registration process

3. we will provide anyone who has already pre-registered and whose payment processing has been completed with the option of either a) a full refund, or b) a credit to attend the cancelled class or event when it is rescheduled. At the time of the class or event is rescheduled, those who opted for a credit will be notified and given the option to be the first to sign up for the class or event at the new date and time, or the option for a refund.

This is the full extend to the Non-Profit’s obligations to occurrences of Force Majeure.

Seminar and Workshop Content Standards &
Use of Life Realized, Inc. Facilities

As a non-profit organization with an IRS designation of 501(c)3/509(a)(2) (Public Charity/Church or School), Life Realized, Inc. will not participate in activities centered around politics, religion, or commercial sales as described further below. As an organization, we therefore will not be involved in, or allow our facilities to be used for rallies, assemblies, conventions, revivals, or any other similar activity, unless they directly support our stated mission, with clear benefit to all members of our Community.

This Policy extends to the content of seminars and workshops by Instructors, Facilitators, or any Community member wishing to rent our facilities to promote such activities or commercial products or services, with the anticipation of selling those products or services to the attendees for financial gain. Examples of such commercial products or services include, but are by no means limited to insurance of any kind, medical devices or services, funeral services, health and beauty products, or wealth management.

Exceptions to this Policy must clearly support our stated mission, with an equally clear benefit to all members of our Community, and must be approved by the full Board or Directors, whose decision is final.

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