An Open Mic With A
Scholarship Fund?

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Ideally, every open mic provides every musician with equal opportunities to gain experience performing in front of a live, appreciative, and supportive audience.

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While there is no substitute for this kind of experience for improving a musician's craft, there are other, equally important support factors...

Our Open Mics have participating musicians ranging from self-taught and just starting out, to highly experienced players. Their ages range from pre-teens to 70’s, 80's, and beyond.

  • Basic life situations, economic factors, and health issues all play a role in each musician’s ability to grow and achieve their true potential as a musician.
  • We routinely see participants with instruments that obviously need repair, major adjustments, upgrades, or outright replacement.
  • We often see musicians who could accelerate their growth with even a short period of formalized instrument or vocal training, but cannot afford to do so.

How can we as a Community-based organization support these musicians who consistently support our open mics?

By setting up a Scholarship Fund which directly benefits our Community musicians. Donations either received from our Showcase Events or specifically earmarked as such, go directly to the scholarship fund for our open mic participants. These funds may be used for:

  • a block of lessons for voice and/or their chosen instrument
  • instrument repair or upgrade by a reputable professional
  • the purchase of a better-grade instrument for those unable to afford one
  • production support for our Showcase Events
  • Life Realized run mentoring and skills development workshops and classes
As the number of open mic participants steadily increases, we will continue to discover new ways to use the Scholarship Fund to provide true support for our Community musicians.

100% of Life Realized’s operating and program funding comes from donations. Please consider a tax-deductible donation. Whether earmarked specifically for the Rick Asmega Musicians Scholarship Fund, or as a general donation to Life Realized, you support our work in the Community, which is greatly appreciated!

Meet Rick Asmega...

...the inspiration for our Rick Asmega Musicians Scholarship Fund

Rick Asmega has had a long, successful, and award-winning career as a musician, recording artist, and audio engineer. He has co-written a number of movie and TV soundtracks, and was the recording engineer for several critically acclaimed recordings (albums). He is also a highly-skilled luthier (stringed instrument construction and repair) in North Port, FL. Most importantly, Rick is one great guy too!

Rick’s musical career has had him on both sides of the sound studio control room glass. As a bass and guitar player with over 44 years of experience as a studio musician and performances on over thirty albums, he has both recorded and toured with the likes of Ricky Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Arthur Prysock, and Bo Diddley.

As a recording engineer/mastering engineer/producer, he has worked with John G, Taken By Force, and the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra of Prague among others, as well as Universal Studios (Burbank, CA), Loring Music Productions, and PBS Boston.

His work on a variety of well-known television documentaries and shows including NOVA, Frontline, Discover, and for the BBC ultimately netted him nominations for three Emmys and the awarding of two.

Rick also has recently been asked to submit his bio to the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England for inclusion in the next International Who’s Who In Music.

As a luthier, Rick has built and repaired hundreds of acoustic and electric guitars. His most famous instrument is Tom Petty’s red Strat.

As an awesome human being, Rick has been giving of his time and talents in supporting a significant number of the musicians that participate in Life Realized Open Mics and Showcase Events. He has helped many with instrument repairs and freely sharing of his extensive knowledge of the physics of stringed instruments – the essential “why” – that most players just didn’t know – but need to – to improve their musicianship.

We are proud to have Rick Asmega associated with Life Realized and couldn’t think of a better way to show it than to name our Scholarship Fund after him, so that he can continue to see how his gifts and talent help others in our Community.


It was with much sadness that we bid Rick Asmega “Good Bye” on July 27, 2020, after a long and courageous fight. We all will miss his kindness and humor, his graciousness, his talents that knew no limits as a luthier, a two-time Emmy-winning Sound Engineer, a Recording Engineer, a 44-year career touring and recording artist, and a composer. But most of all, we will miss our Friend.






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